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Scoliosis Success with Intensive Treatment scoliosis CG 4.13.12 edit

We’re happy to introduce another scoliosis success story.  A teenage patient began the week experiencing low back pain and he had mid back and low back scoliosis. He experienced two treatment sessions per day, each session lasting 2 to 2 1/2 hours per session.  Treatment sessions included whole body vibration therapy, dynamic back traction and mechanical traction, active release technique, trigger point therapy, cold laser […]

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A Three-Dimensional Approach to Treating Scoliosis

People are not two-dimensional . . . and neither is the neuromusculoskeletal condition of scoliosis that afflicts 4.5% to upwards of 10% of the population. Traditional approaches to treat or halt scoliosis progression only consider a singular two-dimensional x-ray image . . . and traditional treatments usually only address the sideways or lateral curvature. However, just as a person is three-dimensional, so is the coiling […]

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August Spinal Health & Wellness – Charlottesville Chiropractor Clinic Schedule

INTENSIVE SCOLIOSIS TREATMENT There’s two weeks left in August where intensive scoliosis treatment is available for patients who live out of the local Charlottesville and Albemarle county area. Intensive treatment patients can expect to spend anywhere from two to three hours per treatment session — twice a day for one to two weeks.  Treatment sessions consist of three phases of treatment outlined in our scoliosis […]

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Local Scoliosis Expert, Dr. Dolly Garnecki, to Speak to Members of the Chinese Society of Medical Rehabilitation during a Multi-City Teaching Tour in China

June 8, 2011 new york loan For immediate release Local Scoliosis Expert, Dr. Dolly Garnecki, to Speak to Members of the Chinese Society of Medical Rehabilitation during a Multi-City Teaching Tour in China Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, (June 8, 2011) – Dr. Dolly Garnecki, President of Spinal Health and Wellness based in Charlottesville, VA, USA, has been invited to present at the Annual Summer Conference of […]

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Chiropractor Dr. Dolly Garnecki in Charlottesville Woman Magazine & CHO Blog

Weddings can be stressful, especially for the wedding couple.  Check out Dr. Dolly Garnecki’s interview in “Stay Well Leading Up to Your Big Day” [page 12] by author M. Grace Maselli in the Charlottesville Woman Magazine, Special Bridal Edition 2011.  She offers tips on how to stay healthy, and stress-free during wedding week. Free on red plastic news stands across Charlottesville. And today, Dr. Dolly was […]

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June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month

Be alert for the signs of scoliosis in family members.  Often when thinking of scoliosis screenings, doctors and nurses look at school-aged girls.  It’s true that scoliosis is the leading orthopedic problem seen in school-age children; when screening for this condition in schools, it is found in 2-4% percent of children ages 10 to 16.(1,2)  However, from the ages of 17 to 21, scoliosis present […]

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Charlottesville Draws Unified Virginia Chiropractic Association and Featured Speaker Local Doctor Dolly Garnecki at Statewide Convention

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Scoliosis Treatment Featured in The Hook News Blog

fast cash 360 net The advanced and non-invasive scoliosis treatment protocols were featured on Charlottesville’s popular weekly The Hook news blog, including an interview with Dr. Garnecki, her scoliosis patient, and the patient’s mother.  Read the full article here.

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Dr. Garnecki Authors Scoliosis Article Published by the Virginia Chiropractic Association

The Virginia Chiropractic Association recently released its June newsletter with an article authored by Charlottesville Chiropractor, Dr. Dolly Garnecki regarding chiropractic care and scoliosis treatment. loan to pay rentmerchant cash advances Read the full article in pdf published by The Virginia Chiropractic Association in June 2009.

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Charlottesville Chiropractor Provides Scoliosis Screenings for School Children

Dr. Dolly Garnecki of Spinal Health & Wellness chiropractic clinic will provide complimentary scoliosis screenings for fifth and sixth grade students at Covenant Lower School. Charlottesville, VA based chirorpactic physician Dr. Dolly Garnecki provides complimentary scoliosis screenings for the fifth and sixth grade students at Covenant Lower School for the purposes of early detection and prevention. This is the third year the free screenings are […]

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